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President's Message

Hello chapter members, and wow, what a year we’ve had so far!  It’s seems like a long time since the stay at home orders were first issued and we have been missing you all!  We have held some virtual meetings to discuss topics that interest you related to COViD 19 and we plan to schedule more meetings related to specific topics mentioned so keep an eye out for those.  I’d also like to remind everyone that IFMA Engage is another great resource for finding and sharing relevant info:  I just searched ‘return to work’ and over 13k results came up!


Are you interested in getting more involved in the Chapter?  June is the end of our fiscal year and we have some Board positions that are due for renewal.  We sent out a survey for nominations for the following positions:

  1. VP of Programs
  2. VP of Membership -
  3. VP of Communications – Website
  4. VP of Communications – Newsletter

We have received great nominations so far, but if you are interested or know someone who would be a good fit please feel free to reach out to myself or one of the other Board members for details on the positions.  HURRY nominations close on June 12.   Access the survey here


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Welcome New Members

IFMA West Michigan is excited to welcome the following new Professional members:


Mark Robinson of Natural Choice Foods

Anthony King of JR Automation

Derek Eisele of County of Jackson, Michigan

Christopher Redman of Sam Edye Management


If you are thinking of joining IFMA West Michigan, there is no better time than now, feel free to reach out to any board members with questions.

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Calendar of Events

With so many events cancelled due to COVID-19, IFMA West Michigan is still hoping to have our most popular events this Summer and Fall.  Here is a very tentative list of events we are still monitoring.  Please subscribe to slicktext alerts by texting IFMA to 31996 or check our webpage for the most current information.

Possible Events:

    • June  24 - Steelcase Meyer Mayhouse Tour
    • July 23 – Whitecaps Outing in suite (50-65 people) – Include annual awards
    • Aug 7 – Jim Hickey Memorial Golf Outing
    • Sept 4th or 18th – Shoot for Scholars
    • Sept 30-Oct 2 – World Workplace Chicago


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News Bites

Award Winners Announced

Kathy Pruden Scholarship Winner

  • Alex Loeffler-please see Corby’s Corner for more information

Member of the Year Award Winners

  • Tera Wierenga of Pleune Service Company was voted Associate Member of the Year
  • Rob Terpstra of Haworth was voted Professional Member of the Year


Tired of waiting for the newsletter? 

Stay informed via Slicktext by texting IFMA to 31996

Follow us on Facebook at

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Corby's Corner

And the 2020 Winner is?


Wow…The world sure has changed since our last newsletter and we are all affected!  Social distancing, state lock-downs, essential business only, furloughs, company shutdowns, and so much more.  During all of this the Chapter had to pull back and evaluate how we can operate for our members too.  First, our annual Chapter Awards Banquet had to be delayed, rescheduled, then delayed for 2020.  As part of that banquet we announce the Kathy J Pruden Scholarship winner and present them the $3000 scholarship check.  This year the Board selected a very worthy winner, Ferris State student Alexander Loeffler, a Junior in the FM program there.  Alex just completed his first year in the FM program and is quite the entrepreneur, buying a rental property with his family to help finance his college education.  Managing the rental is also an educational tool for him too, landlord, budget manager and facility manager fixing all the things that break in a rental.  Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, we had to mail a check to Alex, postponing the presentation of the check until the Whitecaps Game this July…assuming we can still host the event.  Congratulations Alex and I hope you have a great career in FM!


During this stay at home order, we’ve all had to continue to support our companies remotely, limit our site access, and many of us have to stay at home and work.  Zoom, Teams, GoTo, and other teleconference tools are the new norm.  Recently the Chapter hosted our first “virtual” Chapter Meeting using Teams.  The focus was to update the members on our Chapter meeting plans, and to give you all the opportunity to interact and tell us how we can support you moving forward.  About 35 members attended ad based upon your feedback we will be hosting more virtual meetings in the short term to support your needs.  Keep an eye out for the text and email invitations and join us all virtually.


During all of this lockdown, I realize now how much I miss the chapter meetings and our face-2-face conversations about work and life in general.  I look forward to our first in-person chapter event and talking to everyone, maybe even without a mask.  Be strong, be safe, stay healthy!

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