About Us


IFMA began in Ann Arbor in Robert Probst's Herman Miller Research lab as the Facility Management Institute. It morphed into the Facility Management Association under the leadership of Dave Armstrong, Cecil Williams and Bob Snyder (all of Herman Miller) and the headquarters moved to Chicago with Mel Schlitt as the Director. It widened its scope to the International Facility Management Association and moved to Houston. 

The West Michigan Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is a professional organization which promotes the advancement of the facilities management profession at the local level by providing opportunities for education and creating an environment that encourages its members to share knowledge and experiences.

1. Promote and support the success of our members through education, information, communication and networking.
2. Advance the visibility and value of the FM profession.
3. Advance the chapter through growth in membership.

• Total membership: 120, 65% Professional & 35% Associate
• CFM Members: 22
• FMP Members: 12